queer enough


These portraits are the product of slow photography. The experience of being photographed was intended to be a pleasure - warm, intimate, playful. Not uncomplicated but something special, a sanctuary. A place to be without fear of being wrong, to speak yourself out instead of being consumed. 

My hope was to offer space to engage with the complex beauty of our diverse bodies. Seeing self from a new angle, letting a part of you bubble to the surface. We made these portraits together, beyond looking, and towards being seen. This project is for anyone who has felt despair in a changing room; who seeks to be seen; who wonders if they are enough. 

Supported by a grant from the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities and donations from 99 Kickstarter backers.  

Exhibits & Coverage 

1314 Half Gallery, Washington DC, 2018  

Blooombars Gallery, Washington DC, 2019  

OUT Magazine covered the project in their Arts section.  

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