Felicity - also known as Fid - is a writer, researcher, photographer and filmmaker with experience working in human rights, gender and sexuality, public health and international development.  

Fid has over a decade of experience in text and broadcast journalism, editing, qualitative research and visual storytelling. She grew up in the UK, and has lived in France and in several countries on the African continent. She is now based in Washington, DC.  

Fid loves languages, both visual and linguistic. She speaks French, Swahili, Sierra Leonean Krio and is learning Spanish.  

Workwise, Fid is pursuing opportunities to use her skills to connect human stories to a more just society. She brings humour, passion, hard work and integrity to her work. Visit her linkedin page for more.  


Creatively, Fid is returning to a few old chestnuts - working on non-fiction essays, poetry, and poetrycomics. She is currently working on a photo portrait project that explores and celebrates what it means to be Queer.  

Fid believes in the transformative power of creative process, continually asking the hard questions, beginning again, taking (tiny) risks, and being gentle with self.  

She is interested in the multiplicity of human stories. She believes there is room for everyone, if we choose to make it so.