fid thompson


self-portrait, ink
self-portrait, ink

Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.  

-- James Baldwin 

I'm a writer, researcher, teacher and visual artist. I've worked in the spheres of human rights, public health, education and community. My storytelling is informed by my bi-cultural family and by the humans, cultures, creatures and landscapes of the places where I have lived: including southern England, rural France, Tanzania, Sierra Leone, the United States and Senegal. I am still learning the art of listening and seeing.  


Creatively returning to hybrid essays, poetry, and multimedia artwork. Recently: the Queer Enough portrait project, exploring and celebrating the millions of ways queer can be. I am interested in portraiture of all the kinds.  

Yes to the slog and joys of the creative process, thoughtful collaborations, liberation for all people, asking the hard questions, making mistakes, beginning again, taking risks, and building community.  

Yes to the multiplicity of human stories, infinite narratives of creatures and the natural world.